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Choosing the Right Light Box Signage for Your Calgary Business

Are you looking for an effective medium to advertise your business in Calgary? Lightbox signage remains one of the most trendy means of business advertising! Regardless of how many different forms of advertising exist and how many new ones emerge as technology advances, lightbox signage remains prominent in the marketing sphere.

Lightbox signs, in particular, draw a large number of customers and result in a big rise in revenue. This business sign enables you to reach a larger audience and establish a lasting impression for your business. You may be ready and willing to invest in Lightbox advertisements, but you may be wondering how to make the right choice for your business. Let’s review the following types of lightbox signs and infer how they can benefit your business in order to make the right choice.

Types of Lightbox Signs We Offer at Affordable Signage

Affordable Signage provides numerous varieties of light boxes, which include the following:

Backlit Light Box

A backlit light box is one of the most frequent forms of lighted displays; it employs a panel of LED lights positioned behind the graphic.
Backlit light boxes are ideal for outdoor exhibitions and high-impact ads since the graphics are lit from behind, making them bold and attractive.

Edge Lit Light Box

LED lights are put around the borders of an acrylic screen that shows a graphic in this form of light box. Edge lit light boxes are more cost-effective than backlit light boxes since they require fewer LEDs. Edge lit light box can be single or double just like Backlit Light Box.

Snap Frame Light Box

This form of light box is preferred among businesses that wish to freshen up their advertising on a regular basis. A snap frame light box opens and shuts, allowing the company owner to easily replace the image or poster.

They are easy to install and maintain, making them an excellent choice for retail businesses that wish to emphasize various items or promotions throughout the year. Snap frame screens can be backlit or edge illuminated. Some must be connected to an outlet, while others have a hard-wired power supply.

SEG Fabric Light Box

A light box’s designs can be manufactured from a fabric panel or printed directly onto a film substrate. As the name implies, silicone edge graphics (SEG) fabric light boxes are constructed with a thin, built-in silicone frame that holds the fabric in place within the light box frame.

The frame is frequently composed of lightweight aluminum and can be as thin as 1/8 inch wide. With little frame, the viewer’s attention is drawn only to the eye-catching, well-lit image. They are typically backlit for a bright, even display and can be used in window displays as well as store interiors.

Digital Light Box

Digital signs are made with digital screens to light up more effectively compared to other light boxes. Due to the nature of this sign, digital signs may allow for further lighting customization. Depending on the sort of digital sign you pick, you may be able to modify the brightness, contrast, and other lighting features.

Frontlit Box

Front lit signs have lights put directly in front of the sign. A channel letter sign, for example, can have an illuminated face to enable the letters to illuminate.

To make an ultra-bright sign, front illuminated signs can be paired with backlit lights. You may even use simple front lights to help highlight the lettering on your sign!

Differences Choosing the Right Light Box Signage Can Make!

Lightbox signs are an excellent choice for many companies. Choosing the right light box signage can go a long way toward benefiting you greatly. Below are some of the various ways you can benefit from light box signage:

Be Seen: Sometimes customers might have trouble finding your business, especially if it’s located in a hard-to-spot spot, such as behind another building, around a corner, or in a busy area. However, using the right kind of light box sign can help your business stand out even in dimly lit or dark surroundings. This will make it easier for your customers to locate and find you.

Bright Impression: The right lightbox signage makes it simple to recognize who you are and what your business stands for. Most consumers might discover your business from your outdoor signage, and light boxes are the perfect embodiment to leave the best and most effective first impression of your business. Invest in the right lightbox signage and stand tall in the crowd.

Trust Affordable Signage to Get You the Best Light Box Signage for Your Business!

Still unsure about what kind of light box signage would be best for your business? Don’t worry; our sign experts are always here to help you make the right decision.

All of our light boxes employ energy-efficient LEDs for long-lasting, dependable displays that make your business environmentally friendly and help you stand out! Affordable Signage is here to assist you on what is best for your business, if you’d like us to. Whether you need an eye-catching outdoor backlit light box or a modest frameless display for your business, we will help you plan, design, and install your light box sign.

Feel free to get in touch with our professionals at Affordable Signage to learn more about our signage in Calgary call us on +1-587-433-0363 or write to us at:

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